Booth Information and Application

Application Deadline: June 1

To apply for exhibit space, download the Booth Information and Application form. This form is also available in the exhibit prospectus.

As a CHEST 2012 exhibitor, you are eligible for discounts from the ACCP travel partners. See the travel information page for details. Likewise, you are eligible for discounts at select CHEST 2012 Hotels. See the exhibit housing page for information and to book housing.

Booth Sizing and Pricing

Size Cost
10’ x 10’ (9501) $4,000
20’ x 20’ (9503) $16,500
20’ x 30’ (9504) $24,500
20’ x 40’ (9505) $33,000
30’ x 50’ (9506) $60,000
40’ x 50’ (9507) $82,000
50’ x 50’ (9508) $98,000

The standard booth package includes roving security, aisle cleaning, general lighting, ventilation, and heating/air conditioning. Exhibit space will be assigned based on support of ACCP activities and the date the application is received. Applications for space, including type and booth information, are due June 1 and must include a 50% deposit. Applications will continue to be accepted as space permits; however, company names and descriptions may not appear in the Exhibits Guide Plus Meeting Information.

Download the Exhibit Floor Map. (This is a large file and will take time to download.)

Service Kit

Connect to the CHEST 2012 Service Kit.

Booth Construction Guidelines

Standard In-line or Corner Booth
Standard booths are 10’x10’ or multiples thereof and are arranged in a straight line. Standard booths consist of a 8’ high back wall blue and white drape, 3’ high blue sidewall drape, and a standard 7”x44” identification sign with booth number. Exhibitor fixtures, components, and identification signs will be permitted to a maximum height of 8’. All display fixtures more than 4’ in height and placed within 10’ of an adjoining exhibit must be at least 4’ from the aisle to avoid blocking the sight line from the aisle to the adjoining booth.

Island Booths
Exhibit fixtures, components, and identification signs will be permitted to a maximum height of 24’. Sufficient see-through areas must be provided to prevent blocking views of adjacent exhibits (ie, 50% of the island must be open display and not completely enclosed). An island booth is separated by the width of an aisle from all neighboring booths, so full use of the booth area is permitted. However, demonstration areas may not extend to the aisle line of the exhibit; space must be left within the exhibit area to absorb the spectators.
If a booth is planned to be multilevel, covered, or have a ceiling, contact Freeman and Kim Schrader (phone 847-498-8307) at least 90 days before the show opens. Sufficient time is needed for blueprints to be reviewed and approved. If plans are not provided on time, it may cause delays or disapproval of your booth.

Carpet, Colors, and Cleaning

The Clinical Resource Center has a concrete floor and is not carpeted. All exhibitors are required to carpet their booth space. You may order carpet from the service contractor, Freeman, or place your own carpet. The aisle carpet will be blue. Booth cleaning is not included in the rental fee. Management may order daily cleaning at its discretion, and the cost will be charged to the exhibitor.